Sell Your Home

What We Offer

Get Ready For Market

Together, we'll identify what needs to be accomplished to best position your home for sale. This may include activities such as decluttering, painting, floor refinishing, landscaping and other light renovations.


We will work with you to develop a robust pricing strategy based on your home and current market dynamics.


Evidence shows that staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non staged homes. If needed, our various tried-and-true stagers will position your home to best appeal to the widest audience possible. Depending on the needs of your home, our stagers can provide everything from tasteful knick knacks to whole house furnishings in the case of vacant residences.


According to MLS statistics, homes with high quality photography and aerial images sell 68% faster than homes with standard images. Photography is the most important marketing tool, and we leverage it and scrutinize it to ensure our pictures tell a story so that the listing resonates with the widest swath of buyers possible.

Market & Advertise

Our systematic approach utilizes all relevant marketing channels to make the biggest splash possible. This includes social media, direct mail, email marketing, office announcements, open houses, brochures and more.

Open House

Within the first week of going live, we recommend hosting a broker open house and a public open house. Broker open houses help the home gain early exposure to the local Realtor market whereas public open houses target the most active buyers in your marketplace.


Once live, all of our processes are set up to be completely transparent. We understand that communication is paramount, whether it be providing feedback, negotiating, or knowing what to expect and when. Our goal is to take the stress out of selling, so you can focus on everything else in your life.

Professional Photography

Your photographs are your most important marketing tool and we use the best photographer for the house. Aerial and twilight, if appropriate. We also feel seasonality is very important. Will take photos for a listing we sign in the Fall for the Spring launch, but also will represent the current season so it does not appear as if the house has been on the market for a long time.


In most cases, we go through the house room by room and create a to-do list. When that is complete we'll bring the stager back for final consultation.

If rental furniture is needed or additional items like lighting and towels, the stager will either give instructions (no cost) or shop for the client (this is charged to the client). If whole rooms need to be furnished, we will either hire another group or have our stager do the work at a cost to the seller.

Finally, we will have "show-to-sell" property managers move into a vacant house. Their furniture is vetted by our group and has always been better for "selling." They must make the house available to show and be out quickly when it goes under contract.

Work with Hopple Partners

Hopple Partners gives genuine insight into particulars that are off-track on public websites and employs sophisticated and honest negotiating abilities so that you can be certain that there is no better team to have in your corner.

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